The artwork of Sean Coffey is multifaceted and experimental. Each work is an exploration into contemporary subjects, using different mediums to spark context and conversation within each piece. Recycled metal, murals, and sculpture are a few avenues often explored at the Coffey Shop, but there’s always something new brewing upstairs. 

Metal Artwork

Sean has spent the last decade developing his own personal style of metal artwork. He applies chemicals, paint, and other industrial processes to steel to produce one of a kind pieces that harness color and light, creating movement unique to its medium.


Metal Etching

Mixed Media


Sean Coffey and John Muldoon have joined forces to create several murals in cities throughout the US.  Feel free to reach out for a free quote for your next mural project. Learn more about our mural company here! 

    All Coffey Shop metal artwork comes with lifetime warranty services. Murals come with a one year warranty.These services are limited to care recommended by artist. All shipping for artist performed services are covered by the client.